Case Study

Clarasys plays integral role in client’s ambitious, global Gen AI rollout

Optimising distribution strategy for a Global information analytics company

Our client rolled out ChatGPT to over 20,000 employees around the world in the most ambitious project of its type to date. An early pilot amongst leaders demonstrated that 10-20% of their work could be done by this Gen AI tool. Our aim was to help everyone integrate ChatGPT into their workload, reduce manual work, and realise productivity gains.

There were challenges around ensuring staff would use the tool responsibly. We needed to absorb a substantial number of feature improvements and we also needed to establish how best to gather data from more than 20,000 global users.

We worked with the organisation to understand what the future landscape should look like and then drive adoption towards that vision. The firm didn’t want to prescribe how people should use it in their day-to-day work life. Instead, people were encouraged to experiment and see what ChatGPT could do to assist them.

We created a series of targeted campaigns to increase the initial adoption.Rates of adoption varied across the organisation and we worked to establish what the barriers were: was it fear, lack of time, or perhaps lack of understanding?
Workers reported the results via feedback loops and several super user groups.

With a global rollout such as this, things have happened at pace. We have set up communities and are encouraging employees to share information. This will transform the way people work and it will bleed into every part of the workforce’s day job.

We have created a coherent enablement strategy that, going forward, will provide information, tools, guidance, and training. We are helping to activate super-user networks, and we are now working to identify other AI products that can be rolled out in the future.

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