Case Study

Optimising distribution strategy for a Global information analytics company

Optimising distribution strategy for a Global information analytics company

Developed a comprehensive framework to analyse and optimise distribution costs.

A Global information analytics company faced rising distribution costs and sought to understand the impact of business-driven exceptions on total spend, particularly examining how B2C shipments influenced overall distribution expenses.

We supported the business across four areas: data modelling, data analysis, dashboard creation and cost optimisation. By conducting a thorough analysis of invoice and warehouse data, we identified key drivers behind the significant increases in distribution costs and recommended business levers the company could use to reduce their distribution spend and strategically alter its distribution strategy.

  • A tailored data model was established for ongoing use, enabling continuous monitoring of key performance indicators and data-driven decision-making.
  • Holistic supply chain recommendations were provided, concerning service levels used, demand planning, and minimising transport requirements by reviewing printer and warehouse locations.
  • The developed framework empowered the company to accurately estimate and compare the impact of shipment types, business-driven exceptions, and customer channels, enabling prioritised cost-saving strategies.
  • The company gained actionable insights into distribution costs, allowing for informed decision-making and proactive management of cost-saving initiatives.

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