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Transforming Thomson Reuters with a unified customer self-service platform

Transforming Thomson Reuters with a unified customer self-service platform

Revolutionising customer experience, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Thomson Reuters (TR) has successfully developed a diverse range of products in areas including tech, legal, and finance. As the organisation expanded and diversified over time, each new area had been treated as a different function, resulting in multiple platforms serving the TR internal workforce and end customers. Outdated user interfaces were creating a confusing customer experience, running costs were high, and innovation was stifled.

TR had an opportunity to build a self-service portal designed around the ideal customer experience, at the same time consolidating technologies and providing an enterprise saving on the cost of running its self-service portals.

A new platform also offered the potential to optimise the customer experience through innovative personalisation, navigation, search, and service capabilities, such as chatbots.

Clarasys entered to help TR move towards a single platform mentality in which all of its products and services could be accessed from a single point to increase efficiency and proficiency in process management. This single platform needed to serve as a base to build a strategic and sustainable future for growth.

It was essential that all products could fit the new mould of the single platform. This single platform also had to cater to individual user personas and meet the requirements of each business division.

Product development played a critical role here. By installing product managers to represent each of the business divisions and creating an environment of collaboration, Clarasys led TR to ensure its overall product vision was met, whilst also ensuring it was fit for purpose across the board and tailored to critical needs. 

We turned conceptual designs into a fully working product, releasing a Minimum Viable Product in just three months and delivering a complete migration from all legacy platforms in 18 months.

We defined product ownership on the programme and developed from scratch the full backlog of requirements in collaboration with the business and its end customers.

We led on an award-winning, user-centred approach to product development. At peak, we scaled up to 13 scrum teams of over 130 technical resources to deliver a product using agile development and customer-led design at a scale and pace not seen before at Thomson Reuters.

Clarasys also created subsequent future plans for further roll-outs to ensure continuous improvement and ROI for the programme and TR.

The transformed, multiple award-winning customer self-service platform has significantly increased sales for TR and Refinitiv. There has also been a 70% increase in customer satisfaction and a 300% increase in lead generation through self-service tools. 

There is a scalable product owner structure to support business and customer needs across three business units and 10 feature sets. It is 18 months since Clarasys left the programme and the approach and tools are still in use.

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