How our sustainability consulting can help you

Circular Economy

How our sustainability consulting can help you

Circular Economy

How our sustainability consulting can help you

Circular Economy

The future of our economy is circular. The linear model of take, make and waste has proven unsustainable and businesses that want to thrive in the future need to imagine a more circular relationship with materials, products, partners and customers.

In addition to delivering better social and environmental outcomes, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated that the Circular Economy has an economic growth potential of 1.8 trillion EUR a year in Europe alone [1].

We help companies become future-fit and unlock the value of the circular economy with an agile and customer-focused approach.

Clarasys’ customer-focused approach to the circular economy

We believe the customer needs to be at the centre of any circular transformation. Shifting from linear to circular business models is not as straightforward as simply offering circular products or services. Our research emphasises the important role of customer experience and human-centred circular service design in enabling circular business models. For this reason, we help our clients take a customer-centric approach to their circular business model innovation.

Circular economy discovery


We take a customer-centric and data-driven approach to assess the circular economy opportunity for your organisation.

Circular economy strategy roadmap


We develop actionable circular strategies underpinned by innovative circular business models.

Circular product and service design


We design the end-to-end circular experience from customer behaviours to business model blueprints.

Circular business model delivery


We help clients to effectively define circular pilots, measure success and embed circularity into the business DNA.

To learn more about our approach. Please explore our Circular Economy research findings and toolkit, built in partnership with the University of Exeter, the UK’s leading academic institution for circular economy research.

Need help to drive customer adoption of your circular products and services? We have developed a two-day Circular Economy accelerator, to optimise your circular experience.

Experiences with clients

Experiences with clients

What’s on our mind

What’s on our mind

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    We teamed up with the University of Exeter’s Centre for Circular Economy to embark on a piece of research to get under the skin of the issues and complexities around engaging customers in the Circular Economy. 

    Outputs of research

    Our report explores extensive detail of our research findings.

    Creating Customer Experiences in a Circular Economy Toolkit

    Our toolkit will help you design your circular business model with customers at the centre.


    Our brochure, based on a literature review, highlights some starting considerations to help you rethink your customer journeys.


    Use best practice CX and behavioural change methodologies to design an optimised customer journey that drives adoption of a new circular product at scale.

    We had seen many circular initiatives launch without success and we wanted to get to the root of the problem. With pressure on firms to become more sustainable, from investors through to customers, the need for a shift towards the Circular Economy is unambiguous. However, how can companies ensure that this new world is one that works for their customers whilst allowing their businesses to thrive, all whilst working to safeguard the planet?

    It is our belief that, unless the customer is at front of mind in the design of circular products, the likelihood of them taking on the necessary new behaviours, roles, and relationships towards products and producers is low.

    We have engaged with leading organisations in the food and beverage, consumer goods, and retail sectors to gain a wide understanding of the challenges faced. As such, we have been able to gain a huge amount of insight and create tools and thinking that we feel will help organisations navigate their way through this complex landscape.

    We hope you will find them useful.

    Meet the experts

    Meet the experts

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