Circular Economy Accelerator

Our two-day circular economy accelerator, designed in partnership with the University of Exeter, enables you to optimise your circular experience and kickstart customer adoption of circular products and services.

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What is the Circular Economy Accelerator? 

The Circular Economy Accelerator is a short two-day design sprint that supports organisations to drive customer adoption of circular products and services.

Who is it for? 

Our bespoke Circular Economy Accelerator is suitable for any organisation that is looking to improve customer engagement with their circular business model.

Whether you are at the start of your circular journey and beginning to build out your circular value proposition, or if you are further developed in your thinking and looking to pilot and scale circular initiatives, this accelerator supports you to tackle these challenges through a customer lens.

What are the benefits of the Circular Economy Accelerator?

Our accelerator equips you with a clear view of how to optimise your circular customer journey to increase customer adoption and embed circular behaviour change. 

You will leave with bespoke actions, roadmaps and tools based on your challenges to drive better uptake of your circular products and service adoption.

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    How does it work?

    The CE accelerator is a two-day workshop with three main activities:

    1. Mapping your circular journey
    2. Identifying customer pain points using behavioural science frameworks
    3. Designing a future state journey and building a prioritised backlog of improvements

    We will tailor these exercises to the specific context of your industry and business model. 

    Why Clarasys? 

    Our Circular Economy Accelerator is based on proven tools and methodologies developed in partnership with the University of Exeter’s Centre for Circular Economy Hub and a network of leading businesses in the circular economy space. You can learn more about the collaboration and get access to our Circular Experience Design Guide via our circular economy hub.