European laws currently affect 80% of Defra activities, so in anticipation of exit from the EU, Defra is in the process of major institutional change. 

Clarasys worked specifically with Defra Digital Data and Technology Services (DDTS) to lead multiple pre-discovery and discovery projects to assess the impact of exiting the EU on business processes and systems. 

There was a need to understand how the EU currently operates before determining what the UK would need to develop to successfully operate independently. 

The Solution

  • Conducted research to understand how policy is currently enforced and the processes and systems involved
  • Determined core requirements for the UK to be operational and compliant on day one of leaving the EU
  • Created and prioritised a backlog of user needs and stories
  • Worked with solution architects to offer a range of process and solution options with high level costing and impact analysis


Upon completion of each discovery phase, recommendations of solution options were delivered as well as a plan for the Alpha phase in accordance with the GDS framework. Prioritised backlogs of user needs and stories allowed Defra to make informed budgeting and resourcing decisions. 

The opportunity was also taken to assess existing pain points that could be addressed, using EU Exit as an opportunity for user experience and operational improvements.

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