The [ CMO/CIO ] paradox

As claimed by Forrester, situations where the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) have little to no interaction at all are paradoxes, as to enable a successful state of market for a business, synchronisation of marketing, data, and technologies is essential. When the two parties do collaborate, the possibilities for cross-functional alignment, increased visibility, and organisational cooperation are endless. Most importantly is the impact that this all has on the customer experience. So, how can establishing and maintaining this relationship enables you to offer the best customer experience and allow you to have a single view of your customers?

Find out how your CMO and CIO can collaborate to enable a single view of the customer, create a centralised view of the business, and why you should focus on building the relationship between your CMO and CIO in our latest article: The CMO/CIO paradox.

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