Reflecting on success

Musing on our triple digit headcount growth

Reflecting on success

Musing on our triple digit headcount growth

2019 marks my third anniversary with Clarasys, having joined as a graduate in 2016. As we’ve both grown considerably over that period (Headcount has more than doubled at Clarasys since I joined) I would like to reflect on what I think has driven that growth. How does Clarasys attract so much talent, and what benefits does it offer its people?

Our work

As well as the breadth of work you would expect from working in consulting, Clarasys also offers its staff the opportunities to be involved in the growth of the company. In their downtime, each consultant delivers a piece of internal work that contributes to the success of a strategic business objective. This allows consultants to try out different skills in a safe environment, as well as adding value to the organisation.

As of last year, this became all the more pertinent, as Clarasys became employee owned – meaning that each member of staff has a vested interest in the success of the business.

Our development

We are proud of how seriously we take learning and development. Consultants at Clarasys can expect to attend peer-led training courses in areas such as lead to cash, data analytics, and so on. We are also given the opportunity to pursue formal certification in areas we are interested in.

Above all, Clarasys adopts the 70:20:10 learning model, which means that the majority of learning and development happens on-the-job. Most engagements will be fairly fast paced and create challenging environments, so it’s reassuring to be part of a team that celebrates development, rather than penalising imperfection.

Our downtime

One advantage of working for a company full of interesting people is it’s enjoyable to hang out with them when you’re not actually working!

There are countless opportunities to socialise with colleagues, from project group dinners, to a theatre appreciation society, to a 5-a-side footy league. One of my highlights in the Clarasys social calendar is the annual charity pub quiz. Every year we invite our staff and clients to a pub quiz in honour of our charity of the year. In 2018, this was The Princes Trust, who received all entry fees and funds raised through raffle donations.

Another high point is the summer away weekend which offers an opportunity to reflect on our performance for the year. We also put our heads together to find answers to our most pressing strategic questions. Needless to say there is also a lot of revelry over the course of the weekend…

If Clarasys sounds like the refreshing change (or start!) you are looking for, then please do feel free to get in touch with me, I’d be happy to discuss in more depth what it is we do here.

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