Clarasys partners with Corporate Rebels

Clarasys and Corporate Rebels have partnered to break the norm and help organisations build better environments for their people in new ways.


Clarasys partners with Corporate Rebels


Today, Clarasys is announcing its partnership and joint ambition with Corporate Rebels to help organisations unleash the potential of their employees by empowering progressive, high-performing teams.

Corporate Rebels is a movement that inspires organisations to make people-focused changes to the way they operate. Since 2016, founders Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree, have travelled the world speaking to business leaders, organisations, entrepreneurs, and academics to identify new and alternative ways of working.

Clarasys was founded in 2011 on the idea that consulting should be done in a different way. From the outset, Clarasys rejected the profit-focused, shareholder-is-king model of large corporates. Instead, it concentrated on looking after its people, training them the right way, reflecting, learning and adapting along the way.

Having discovered Corporate Rebels Academy through their book, Clarasys worked with them and attended the Corporate Rebels academy to discover how far they could extend our model and push the boundary even further. As a result, the firm created and implemented behavioural change by tearing up rulebooks, structures, and behaviours. It now lives by distributed authority, experimentation, freedom, and trust. In 2020, Clarasys became an employee-owned business.

In turn, they have internalised these learning to help their clients transform and implement meaningful change. Since then, the firm’s relationship with the Corporate Rebels founders has deepened. Working together has allowed Clarasys to further explore what culture means, and how important it is to them. In turn, they have incorporated these learnings, to help their clients transform, and implement meaningful change.

Pimm said: “We are very excited about the partnership between Clarasys and Corporate Rebels. It’s an important step in our global approach to support organisations to create better workplaces. We strongly believe in combining our research, insights and online learning environment with the Clarasys experience of transforming organisations for the better. Having worked with Clarasys we know for a fact they are an inspiring and pioneering organisation that has fully immersed itself into new ways of working and organising.”

Helping companies transform is another step towards Clarasys’s vision to “make a lasting difference to the way people work, live and grow.”

Matt Cheung said: “The partnership with Corporate Rebels is an exciting new chapter for us as we start to help other organisations benefit from what we’ve learnt about progressive ways of working.”

Clarasys and Corporate Rebels have a shared ethos: people are happier and perform better in progressive organisations. Corporate Rebels have nailed the research, insights and case studies. Clarasys can help organisations make it happen.