Case Study

Theory of Change for National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Theory of Change for National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Facilitated the development of a global partnership Theory of Change to tackle children’s safety online.

Children’s safety online is a huge, global, challenge. There are multiple existing initiatives that are trying to tackle the exploitation and extortion of children through nude imagery online or imagery shared without consent. The NSPCC wanted to co-ordinate a group of partners to identify specific activities that would tackle this issue, and work alongside existing initiatives.

We facilitated a series of workshops that brought together partners and built a Theory of Change. We started by exploring the specific scenarios we wanted to focus on. This identified the most prevalent problem cases (where children are extorted financially by gangs after being threatened that nude imagery of them will be shared), which we focussed the Theory of Change around. We then defined and prioritised the intended impact and outcomes, before exploring and prioritising the possible activities that could deliver this.

  • The partnership group now have a unified understanding of the Theory of Change and the impact they want to have
  • The group have a prioritised list of activities that they can organise around, co-ordinating across jurisdictions and within different local challenges
  • This will enable the team to co-ordinate a funding bid, with clarity for funders on why these are the right activities to fund – showing how they can lead to improving children’s safety online. 

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