The challenge

This acquisition almost doubled the size of one of their business units. However, there was an incomplete understanding of the acquired company’s structure and internal processes. There were also no integration plans in place, and investors had been promised $10.1m savings within the year. 

We were engaged to identify, size, and shape potential synergies within processes, people and technology.

The solution

Using an agile and client-focused approach, we gained an insight into the two core business areas. Through workshops and group sessions, we identified roles, wrote role descriptions, and mapped out an organisation model. 

We then looked at the 12 different process areas of the acquired business. Through workshops and focus groups, we elicited as-is processes to give documentation and analysis of as-is processes for each of these areas. 

We further worked with the business to analyse current financial, HR, and sales data. This allowed us to discover key areas of opportunity creation, using an agile triage approach to identify, size and shape synergy initiatives.


After receiving this support from Clarasys, the company had a complete understanding of the acquired business, in particular their structure, organisation, and current processes. This enabled an efficient and quick restructure with full visibility of business performance.

Thanks to use of the agile approach to synergy estimation, the business benefited from a reduction of potentially wasted effort and also from above-target synergy benefits of $12 million.

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