Case Study

Designing stakeholder centric electronic monitoring services

Designing stakeholder centric electronic monitoring services

Gathering stakeholder needs and providing insight-based recommendations.

With increasing ministerial ambition, a complex portfolio of projects for delivery and an upcoming re-procurement of the service, His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) senior leaders wanted to ensure stakeholders were at the centre of thinking and decision-making. Electronic Monitoring (EM) impacts thousands of monitored individuals and many stakeholders across a multitude of Criminal Justice organisations so there was a clear need to revisit their needs and sentiment towards EM to ensure closer alignment, identify service improvements and identify how the strategy and future of EM would meet their ever-evolving needs.

Clarasys conducted a discovery project to gather stakeholder needs for the service. We conducted a range of interviews and focus groups with operational staff to understand current problems, and visioning workshops with both frontline staff and leaders to understand opportunities for EM to support their future needs. This analysis was then transformed into a set of user journeys and a prioritised backlog of user needs and recommendations. We established a process by which these recommendations could be triaged, progressed and iterated on, resulting in the programme having a clear set of insight-based recommendations and the governance mechanism in place to implement them.

  • Created a reusable template for capturing and prioritising user needs
  • Created a backlog of service improvements and business initiatives 
  • Created a reusable Triage Board approach for decision-making and demand management 
  • Created a series of stakeholder journeys, providing a single view of the as-is with improvement opportunities overlaid
  • Many user needs were identified and are informing the live service, expansion activities and the future service.

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