Agile in the time of COVID-19

So, what is Agile? How is it being adopted and put into practise? And what does this mean for the future of our ways of working?

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During the unprecedented and unpredictable times provoked by COVID-19, the world at large is presented with a plethora of problems and questions. However, the overarching response to such an unforeseen and uncertain universe, has been incredible. All over the world, organisations and individuals are working together in an amazingly agile way to overcome the crisis. Our way of
working – within organisations, as individuals, and collectively across the globe – has changed dramatically. More and more companies, communities, and countries are adopting an increasingly
Agile approach to their ways of working.

Download our white paper by Genevieve Cox, helping to unravel what Agile is, how it is being adopted and put into practise, and what this means for our future ways of working.

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