Case Study

Union Jack Club – setting a sustainability agenda

Union Jack Club – setting a sustainability agenda

Helping the charity understand where to prioritise their sustainability efforts.

The Union Jack Club provide a membership club and hotel for all Serving and Veteran enlisted members of HM Armed Forces and their families. The club is broken down into different departments from front-of-house to catering to administrative areas.

This project focused on helping the Union Jack Club to do a holistic assessment of their maturity and opportunities around sustainability to ensure there was a shared commitment to improve. We provided them with an ambitious but actionable approach to evolve their charity to do more for people and the planet.

We worked with stakeholders across the organisation to define what they had already done about sustainability. The club had already made great strides that they weren’t actively communicating. Using the Clarasys maturity assessment we outlined the opportunities that they had to improve their impact across people, planet and prosperity.

Once we understood the opportunities, we worked with stakeholders across the organisation to outline a shared vision for sustainability at the club. This vision described the motivation and core objectives of improving their sustainability. We helped them prioritise their different opportunities and develop them into an actionable programme of work. Through this, we detailed a basic investment case that outlined the expected costs and benefits of following the programme.

  • A recognition of the current areas of success that the organisation could use for internal and external communications
  • A shared commitment and engagement to make improvements to their social and environmental impact
  • A clear understanding of the areas they need to address and a plan to fulfil those areas

Union Jack Club will move forward with the programme of work using Clarasys for QA and support where required.

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