Working together: Clarasys and the public sector

With budgets being tighter than ever in the public sector, selection of an external supplier will be met with great rigour and scrutiny.

Working together: Clarasys and the public sector

With budgets being tighter than ever in the public sector, selection of an external supplier will be met with great rigour and scrutiny.

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Hannah Tomlinson


With budgets being tighter than ever in the public sector, selection of an external supplier will be met with great rigour and scrutiny. One of the most important considerations for public sector organisations when choosing a supplier is understanding whether they share the same culture and values and can work effectively within a blended team rather than creating an us and them environment. Often, how well a supplier’s team works seamlessly within a civil service team can make or break a project. This is important, now more than ever, as public sector organisations take on the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit.

As we have grown over the last nine years, it’s our employees who have created our culture and values, and have made key decisions on how we are structured. As part of this we have all focused on what we liked and what we didn’t like from previous companies, as well as our own Clarasys experiences; we’ve used this insight to build Clarasys. This has not only given us a unique culture, but allowed us to intentionally structure our organisation to ensure that what is best for our clients and our people, always comes first.  We prioritise working well and delivering value to our clients, and our commitment to teamwork enables us to deliver quality outcomes together. Our clients tell us it is this mentality that they really value from Clarasys.

One senior client, from His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, said: “Some consultants rely on flashy templates and quirky workshop routines, but what I really value from Clarasys is their ability to consistently cut through even the most intractable tasks to find solutions, and then blitz through the necessary work with relentless enthusiasm.  The Clarasys team have helped us go further and faster and achieve more than I thought possible.  They brought enthusiasm, fresh thinking and the skills to deliver at a pace that has turbo charged the whole team. I also think I’ve benefited personally from working alongside the Clarasys team in terms of skills transfer.


An important part of our structure is the conscious decision to have no employee sales targets, bonuses, or commission. When someone has a target, they may not necessarily recommend what is best or most cost-effective for the client. Our ‘no target’ structure is intentional and ensures that our employees’ sole focus is what is best for the client, and it means our clients can trust us to be objective in our recommendations.

We  understand the complexity of delivering citizen focused services on time and within budget. Our success is not measured by the number of extensions we can win but whether we have delivered, to the client’s satisfaction, what we promised. We guarantee 100% of our work and if our clients aren’t happy, then, as an employee-owned business that is not held accountable to demands of external shareholders or Partners within the business, we can, and will, cover any associated costs for free.

Our people are instead measured on direct feedback from clients, and how well the client teams operate when we have left. It is why our people will often recommend to clients that they build up their own internal capabilities rather than extend us. On every project Clarasys undertakes, we aim to upskill the client team we are working with, so that when we leave they have the tools and knowledge to continue without us.

We know that for our people to be successful they need to be able to work well within client teams. As such, collaboration is one of our most important values. We put every new employee through a two-day course focusing on their own emotional intelligence so they understand how it can impact team dynamics. This equips all of us with the skills we need to immerse ourselves within client teams, and ensures our clients enjoy working with us on a personal level.

Multi-supplier project teams are also increasingly the norm in public sector organisations, but often getting these to work well can be difficult. Our experience of working in the public sector has shown us that any egos need to be left at the door, and the focus has to be on our clients goals, not the individuals suppliers goals. Our consultants respect the boundaries between different suppliers and we integrate ourselves in teams to avoid siloed working, because we enjoy working with others and being part of a team.

A good supplier-client relationship is often boiled down to two factors; Can you trust your supplier and can they work well with your internal team? We have worked hard to make sure the way we have built our company, and the way we develop our people ensures our clients can answer yes to both of these questions. Our culture and values of honesty, collaboration, and commitment to doing the right thing for our clients and for our people, make us a good match with public sector organisations and is why they choose to work with us.

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