As Founder and Director of rapidly growing leadership and strategy consultancy The Change Academy, Sarah Partridge is deeply motivated by empowering clients to develop the mindsets and behaviours required to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

With a passion for purpose-driven leadership and a keen understanding of modern business challenges, Sarah leverages her extensive boardroom experience to guide individuals and organisations through transformative change.

Prior to pioneering The Change Academy, Sarah honed her leadership and strategic acumen in diverse arenas. At BMW Group Financial Services UK, she served as Head of Strategy & Business Development, collaborating closely with the CEO and executive team to chart the company’s course. Leading critical functions including internal communications, innovation, and change management, Sarah acquired a deep understanding of organisational dynamics.

Sarah began her career as a passionate musician and creative marketer, immersed in the vibrant major label culture of the recorded music industry. As she climbed the ladder from Sony to Universal and finally to Marketing Director at EMI, she witnessed the energising power of creativity and learned the true definition of leadership, good, bad, and ugly. This dynamic journey fuelled her desire to empower individuals and organisations to challenge the status quo, embrace change and unlock their full potential.

The Change Academy embodies this philosophy. Founded on the belief that true growth lies outside the comfort zone; the Change Academy provides challenging and deeply supportive learning programmes. Sarah’s lived experience informs every initiative, ensuring solutions are grounded in the realities of the modern workplace. From SMEs to established corporations, The Change Academy’s unique blend of leadership development, strategic guidance and executive coaching empowers organisations across all sectors to navigate transformation and thrive.

The leadership programme run by The Change Academy was by far the most practical, engaging and rewarding of any of the programmes I’ve been involved with previously
Dan, Client Success Director, Kenshoo

Sarah is a rare blend of a strategic thinker and a change maker – someone that can think differently to those around her, that can challenge you to think outside of the box and come up with ideas to evolve your business. I would recommend Sarah and The Change Academy to any organisation looking for a trusted partner who will go above and beyond to support your strategic ambitions or leadership development aspirations
Spencer Halil, Managing Director, Northridge Finance

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