Talking Agile with Matt Roadnight

Agile is no longer a 'new' concept; Agile methods…

Agile is no longer a ‘new’ concept; Agile methods are increasingly well defined and the benefits are more widely acknowledged. As an organisation that is truly Agile from the ground up, we understand the benefits of using this approach, so much so that we have our own- the Clarasys Agile Method (CAM).

In this episode Clarasys CEO Matt Cheung is joined by old friend and Agile specialist Matt Roadnight. The two cover more detailed topics into the Agile approach after reminiscing about a project they both worked on for a complex organisation who had failed their delivery several times before the two got involved. They also discuss Agile at scale, cross functional teams, benefit realisation, a data led approach and ‘Amazon vs the Enterprise’.

With over 20 years experience, Matt is a specialist in all things Agile. He is and Agile Coach and Trainer at SprintAgile and a Founding Partner at BeLiminal. Since 2004 Matt has been working on Agile projects for both service providers and corporates. He has extensive hands on delivery experience of distributed Agile projects and programmes using Scrum across multiple teams up to 160 people. And, since 2008 he has coached companies in delivering Agile change across organisations of up to 9000 people and led a team of Agile coaches. He gained his Scrum Trainer certification in 2009 after co-training with Scrum evangelist and author, Mike Cohn. You can often find him talking at conferences between coaching engagements. Thank you Matt for your contribution to this episode of Never Mind the Pain Points.

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