Helping to create bespoke solutions

Redefining a complex internal shared service requires needle-like focus on employee experience and user needs to create a bespoke, standout service.

Our deep experience in the public sector of service design delivered to GDS standards enables us to deliver technology advisory, and agile-based transformations week-in week-out.

Whether we are delivering excellent features on your existing platform or helping to create bespoke ERP solutions, we are technology agnostic so can make this happen.


How we help you...

User Needs and User Research

User needs and employee experience are at the heart of excellent service design and we forensically look at user research to inform our thinking. We prioritise inclusive, iterative, user research that is a shared responsibility of the team. We work widely with stakeholders to acid test features that meet user needs and create an excellent employee experience.

GDS Expertise

Our deep experience across all GDS phases (Pre-discovery, Discovery, Alpha, Beta) and service design, informs every insight and recommendation we make.

Operating model design

When a transformation of an operating model is required to deliver excellent services, we ensure a backlog of prioritised features are defined and delivered in an agile way to meet the desired shared service offering.

Core business analysis

At the outset – or if you need to rethink plans – we analyse, innovate, and design how your experience should work, end-to-end, using an agile method to innovate our approach to business analysis.

Don't just take our word for it...

“The Clarasys team were great – they quickly understood the culture of the organisation and worked with us to get the results needed. The team provided sound advice and guidance to our
senior team.”

Nicola Smith, Director of IT and Facilities, The Children’s Trust.

“Clarasys brings the experience and expertise to optimise and implement business processes, to make them real, and also to anticipate the consequences of change to help you make the right choices about alternative approaches.”


“Worked well with our team day-to-day. It’s always a problem when consultants come in – many times I work with consultants and they haven’t realised that the people they are working with have got day jobs and don’t necessarily have a great deal of time to devote to working with them…very mindful of the best way of working with busy people which is a very good attribute for consultants.”