From day one...

Our interactive timeline, below, shows the gradual journey that we anticipate businesses to take as they embark on their first 100 days, post merger, journey.

Hover over each step in the journey to find out more.

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As well as visualising this journey (above), we’ve pinpointed the key five things that companies need to keep continuously in mind throughout this journey and post-merger process. These are:

  • To stimulate quick transition: Prolonged integration process decreases productivity and slows synergy impacts often leading to missed revenue opportunities
  • To set priorities: Select value creation sources and prioritise resources allocated to more impactful causes. Rigorous priority setting will ensure that the highest value opportunities are delivered first and reduce wasted effort.
  • To communicate: Communicate early and often with employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders about reasons for M&A, key actions and their timings.
  • To establish leadership: Critical to find committed executive team members of the organisation who can drive the integration process. Define RACI for involved members at all levels.
  • To apply Agile ways of working: Agile ways of working accelerate benefits, allow you to navigate the uncertainty of PMI and take advantage of new opportunities.

The infographic, below, summarises these five key points for you to take away and remember as you embark on your first 100 days of business merging. Hover over each point to reveal the detail behind it.

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