Podcast: How can you make it easy for your customer to browse and shop online?

Customers have been forced into tech literacy by the lockdown.

Customers have been forced into tech literacy by the lockdown. Are you set up to harness this growth and offer these customers a great online shopping experience?

Join Sophie, Bisha, and Ed as they consider the question facing all retailers since the start of COVID: what makes a great online customer experience? In part one of this podcast, the three discuss the acceleration in demand for online retail, with an increase of 33.9% in the UK online retail sales in June 2020. They reflect upon the three key factors playing into an online retail customer experience: website navigation and usability, accessibility, and the overarching online buying journey that the customer embarks upon.

Whilst drawing on prior experience in the retail sector, Bisha and Ed discuss the opportunities that have opened up for online retail as well as the impacts of getting it wrong, giving their insights, advice and examples of what makes the online customer experience outstanding.

Listen in to find out our views on what makes a fantastic online customer experience and our insights into the online retail industry and its trends, post-COVID.

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