Podcast: How does the browsing experience fit into the end-to-end customer journey?

Join Moray and Tom for our latest episode of Clar…

Having reflected on what what makes a great online customer experience in part one of this two-part podcast, here we discuss how the browsing experience fits into the end-to-end customer journey.

Sophie, Bisha, and Ed discuss how to convert browsers to customers. They look at how can you better understand the conversion funnel and what visitors need in order to convert them to customers, how important it is that retailers recognise that online experience is only one part of the customer journey and that this needs to be optimised.

Whilst drawing on prior experience in the retail sector, the team discuss the checkout experience, how simplicity is key, and why it is essential that your customer gets the right information at the right time, as well as sharing personal examples of how and why retailers have gotten it wrong.

Listen in to find out our views on what makes a fantastic online customer experience and our insights into the online retail industry and its trends.

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