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Our involvement in multiple charities and not-for-profit organisations since our inception in 2011, has given us an understanding of the unique constraints and challenges that you are facing. We offer a committed and consistent service to deliver value and help you in the areas where you need it most.

We tailor each project towards the unique goals of your organisation and design outcomes to enable long-term sustainable benefits. Our agile approach enables us to deliver value and resolve the issues of highest impact as quickly as possible.

Our approach helps you focus on what matters most

As part of our ongoing commitment to lasting success, we want to make sure that charities and not-for-profits are equipped to unlock their true potential. We work collaboratively with charities to provide strategic clarity on what truly matters – delivering quality experiences for their volunteers, donors, employees and supporters.  Only then can we identify key areas for improvement – co-ordinating the use of people, data, and technology to prioritise what is necessary to realise these goals. 

How we help you…

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Don't just take our word for it...

“They just get things done and you can trust the quality and time management.”

Sam Robertson, Head of Fund Raising Strategy and Performance at Warchild

“The Clarasys team were great – they quickly understood the culture of the organisation and worked with us to get the results needed. The team provided sound advice and guidance to our
senior team.”

Nicola Smith, Director of IT and Facilities, The Children’s Trust.

“They are not just there to upsell / sell more work, they’re there to try and make your organisation a better place.”

The Children's Trust

“The big difference is that they just get things done so they will deliver what needs to be delivered in the time that they are there.”


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