Myths and the root of all evil- With Anthony Mclaughlin

Ah yes, the insurance industry.

Ah yes, the insurance industry. One we all interact with and one that people tend to have a negative perception of. Well, it's actually really quite fascinating how they approach customer experience with so few levers they can pull on.

On this episode Head of Direct Marketing and CRM for Swinton Insurance Anthony Mclaughlin joins Clarasys CX specialists Tom Carpenter and Lawrence Alfred in this Customer Experience episode of Never Mind the Pain Points.

Listen to gain valuable insight into the world of insurance where a differentiated CX is notoriously difficult to achieve. Discussions include how the insurance market and customer expectations have shifted in recent times including the significant way in which people buy insurance. Also, the guys discuss how Ant used Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Transformation recommendations in his work over the past couple of years.

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Anthony Mclaughlin has worked in Direct and Digital Marketing for over 15 years in Financial Services and Retail Home Shopping Industries. He is currently the Senior Direct Marketing and CRM Manager at Swinton Insurance. Special thanks to Anthony Mclaughlin and Swinton Insurance for their contribution to this episode.

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