Agile adoption for project performance

Change your project process for the better

Agile adoption for project performance

Change your project process for the better

Meet the author

Jeff Isaacs

Principal Consultant

Everyone starts out with perfect intentions but somehow your projects end up over-running and costing more than you budgeted. And that’s not the end of the story. Once live, you’re inundated with change requests from users and stakeholders who are frustrated that the end product doesn’t meet their expectations even though they were involved in the initial consultation.

Most businesses now know about Agile, the Waterfall method is now dated and there are a variety of ‘agile’ based solutions to choose from. But what if you’re using agile and still getting these problems? It could be your agile is actually waterfall in disguise (blog coming soon) or it could simply be that your type of project can’t be efficiently completed using the agile methodologies that currently exist.

OK, there are loads of different forms of agile out there so why are we about to suggest another?

We believe that real world projects don’t conform to theoretical constructs. Every project is a unique beast with its DNA drawn from the purpose of its creation as well as your business’s culture, market and resources (including people). By conducting numerous projects in the everyday business environment we’ve created an approach to project delivery that makes agile even more agile, and lets you fit and scale it to any type of project, from the day to day to enterprise wide change.

Time for the introduction – meet CAM, the Clarasys Agile Method.



The overarching concept is straightforward. We assess your capabilities to undertake agile delivery and how it fits into the rest of your business strategy. This lets us identify any potential barriers which are then prioritised for attention. There is no silver bullet, and you won’t become agile overnight. What this process is designed to do is ensure that the methodology is understood and embraced throughout the business so that every individual naturally wants to work in this way because they know the benefits it brings for them.

Adopting CAM throughout the business is a way of identifying and dealing with uncertainty and change in your operating environment in a more efficient and effective way. It’s more than a project delivery method – it’s a way of thinking and acting. By reacting more quickly, and in the best way, will lead to multiple benefits such as reduced risk, improved cash flow, reduced costs and increased profits as well as a competitive advantage.

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