Human resources automation

Implementing automation to HR processes in over 100 offices globally


The existing employee off-boarding process was manual and varied across different offices. This was inefficient and presented a risk to the organisation’s data security as former employees were retaining access to company systems after their leaving date.

The business wanted to align the data in HR to the reality of who had access to their systems. The business selected a tool to automate the removal of access to systems upon employee termination and needed to implement it to all their 100+ global offices.

How did Clarasys help?

Clarasys provided project management, change management and business analysis expertise for this roll-out. We defined the as-is and to-be process for off-boarding, defined the roll-out plan and defined the change management approach. We then managed the roll-out, coordinating the communications and liaising with the technical team to implement the new tool and process into each office.

The change management approach was very thorough. As the business was a Partnership, each office had historically performed the off-boarding process in a siloed, decentralised way. The Clarasys team consulted with HR and IT in each office to understand their current process and ensure the to-be, which had been defined at a global level, would work for that office. A similar approach would be beneficial to any other business, particularly partnerships, where global offices work independently and the business needs to centralise processes and technology for compliance reasons.


The business gained a centralised, consistent off-boarding process and tool implemented globally. This has reduced the risk associated with former employees retaining access to the business’ systems and improved compliance with data security regulations.