Case Study

From emerging technology to an established AI function and strategic pipeline at Refinitiv

From emerging technology to an established AI function and strategic pipeline at Refinitiv

Establishing an internal AI function and transforming the business through expert guidance in business readiness, operating model definition, and change management.

Refinitiv’s Digital & Business Technology team aimed to position itself as a key player within the AI-enabled organisation. They sought to establish a robust internal-facing AI function, requiring an assessment of their AI business readiness, definition of a strategic pipeline, support for project delivery, and effective internal communications.

Clarasys collaborated with Refinitiv from the project’s outset, leading workshops to identify AI use cases across internal functions, partnering with market-leading technology vendors. Subsequently, we conducted vendor assessments, leading to the creation of a comprehensive business case and defined cost budgeting to establish a two-year strategic pipeline. We also defined the operating model and ways of working for the AI function. To enhance visibility, a clear change management strategy, including the implementation of internal intranet sites, was devised and executed.

  • The AI function successfully secured funding for a six-month project pipeline, with Clarasys managing the delivery of its first project to support compliance
  • Established partnerships with business teams for successful proof of concepts, such as Chatbot technologies, and foundational AI capabilities like AWS services.
  • The change management strategy positioned the AI function as advisory partners to the wider firm, facilitating the coordination of internal AI enablers through a centralised community.

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