‘Forensic’ vs ‘Blunt’ Transformation- With Shahzad Saleem

At some point in time, most organisations will ex…

At some point in time, most organisations will experience a Cost transformation initiative in their organisation, but being blunt by making cuts and slashing budgets will affect you in more ways than you may realise!

Shahzad Saleem is the CEO at Cost Transformation Consultancy (CTC) and has years of experience in this domain. A notable achievement was leading a £6 billion cost out programme at BT. Alongside Shahzad in this episode is Clarasys PC Richard Hibbert who also has a wealth of knowledge in the area. They discuss the topics of Cost Transformation, Customer Experience and how to balance them.
In this episode, Richard and Shahzad talk about balancing cost transformation and customer experience. Areas of conversation include; companies in a distress phase that focus solely on cost transformation tend to take a hit on their customer experience, how slashing marketing budgets tend to cost you more in the long term and that taking cost out of the organisation bluntly is more expensive than you realise and can seriously affect your customer experience!

Special thanks to Shahzad Saleem for coming to talk to us and his contribution to this episode of Never Mind the Pain Points.

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