Reimagining tomorrow’s organisation, built on trust, transparency, and ownership

Everything we do at Clarasys is focused on creating engagingsmart-working and connected experiences. Through these, we increase efficiency and dependability, loyalty and reward. We are a consultancy unlike any other. A team that’s trusted to deliver better ways of doing things because of our different way of doing things. We want to share what makes us different and are offering a webinar to open the doors to Clarasys.

What will the webinar cover?

In a world of ever-changing expectations, both from customers and employees, how can organisations move away from traditional ways of working, and embrace a new norm?

In this webinar, we look at how professional services organisation Clarasys, built an employee-owned organisation, with trust and transparency at its core. Encouraging every member of the team to ‘act like owners’, Clarasys operates on a team of teams basis, where autonomy is given at every level and people are given control over decisions that impact them.

Join the discussion to hear about how you can create a culture that engages, satisfies, motivates, and empowers employees and customers alike.

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