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Integrating an acquired company is almost always more difficult than getting the deal itself done. Organisations routinely fail to achieve the promised benefits from the business case. Due diligence only reveals so much information about the synergy between business models, processes, technology and cultures.

So what can you do about it? How do you deliver on the financial opportunity, whilst avoiding pitfalls that lead to more complexity, customer and employee disappointment and a reduction in shareholder value?

We’re passionate about helping our clients properly prepare for change to enable a seamless integration, and post-merger journey.

We have been ranked as one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultancies in Mergers and Acquisitions, by the Financial Times 2021.

Read on to discover the our insights on Mergers and Acquisitions below.

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“We had a really good chemistry with the Clarasys guys. They came in, no airs and graces. They talked to the people who really mattered at the front line which you don’t necessarily get, I find, when talking to other consultants”

Anthony McLaughlin, Direct Marketing and CRM Manager at Swinton Insurance

“100% recommend Clarasys”

Ben Rick, Managing Director of Social and Sustainable Capital- SASC

“There are very few organizations in and around the UK that would be able to help you better”

Kennedy Warwick, Enterprise Process Owner for Data at Refinitiv

“Clarasys brings the experience and the expertise to optimise business processes and to implement those processes in your platforms to make them real”

Mark Bishop, Director of Revenue Operations at Patsnap

“Clarasys brings the experience and expertise to optimise and implement business processes, to make them real, and also to anticipate the consequences of change to help you make the right choices about alternative approaches.”


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