Discovering the moments that matter in your Customer Experience (CX)

As communities continue to navigate these strange and challenging times, businesses and organizations must continuously work to better understand customer needs and how to serve them in an ever-changing world. To help support organizations and their people in achieving these goals, Clarasys has been hosting a range of free Customer Experience (CX) workshops. These workshops focused on helping organizations understand where they are on the CX journey & to identify what steps are needed next. Attendees (from the workshop) created applicable takeaways to become more customer-centric.

So what have we discovered by carrying out these workshops? What are the current key priorities and trends that organizations have expressed around CX? What are the ways that are currently being used to build a customer-focused mindset? Discover our findings below, and who knows, maybe a few may be familiar to your own organization…

Main organizational challenges:

Lack of understanding gaps in your customer journeys

Lack of understanding gaps in your customer journeys Lack of understanding gaps in your customer journeys A key concern of organizations is understanding how to sustain a positive customer experience from start to finish. Often, customers go through a long and complex journey, leading to multiple touchpoints with different representatives. This is commonly due to the loss of sight of the customer and their journey. New systems and/or processes are being implemented that have not been designed with the customer needs at the forefront or even an understanding of what the needs are.

During the workshops we help organizations realize the benefit of defining personas, mapping customer journeys, identifying the touchpoints that customers have with them, and which teams they are with. We also charted the emotional experience of customers to spot where they are excelling/lacking.

Difficulty in visualizing practical steps to improve the CX for prospective customers

The organizations we worked with needed a better understanding of how to grow their CX capability and embed a culture of customer-centricity in everything they do. Our workshops focused on cultivating real-life scenarios, with real-life products. This best simulates an end-to-end customer journey and better guides participants by placing themselves in a real customer’s shoes. By identifying pain points customers currently experience, it allowed participants to look at the process and technology underpinning the journey and improvements needed.

Keeping up to date with tools, techniques, and terminology

With the abundance of industry terminology around customers, it is important to understand the unique benefits and lenses that tools have when evaluating your customer experience capability. From personas to segments, and customer journey maps to customer success, each tool brings a different value to the table. We helped each organization by guiding them through the process of eliciting characteristics and behaviors that make up a unique persona profile and subsequently mapping the step-by-step journey that the persona goes through in engaging with the company. These exercises helped frame the needs, desires, and pain points from a customer point of view, in turn challenging our participants to brainstorm quick-win solutions.

Understanding both internal and external customers needs

Realizing that not only the individuals buying your product can be your customer, is key. Consider how linking employee experience and customer experience lenses can create a more balanced and efficient operating structure. We invited organizations to consider their internal customers, their own employees, and how the link between employee experience and customer experience is critical. Building personas for internal teams, addressing the driving vision and purpose of the organization, and soliciting the voice of the employee, can all help address an understanding of the end customer. Employees are the closest people in the organization to the customer and can provide a unique perspective in visualizing inefficiencies in processes and technology that directly impact your customer experience. Empowering employees to make improvements within their areas of control, allows organizations to gratify customers from the ground up.

Our free workshops are designed to support organizations at all points of their CX journey; from those who have just begun to focus on CX, to those who are actively seeking to embed and scale a culture of customer-focused decision-making in their organization. We are offering a limited number of free individual CX workshops. No matter where you are in your CX journey we have the right workshop for you! Click here to register your interest. here to register your interest.

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