‘Data Chaos’ and ‘Sexy Data’- With Kennedy Warwick

A lot of you are probably thinking 'Data!?

A lot of you are probably thinking 'Data!? What a boring topic!'. Well, first of all you are wrong. Secondly, whether it be a global financial solutions organisation, a medium sized consultancy or a new hair dresser startup, data is fundamental to the modern day business. And we can tell you for a fact that this episode is well worth the listen!

On this episode, Clarasys CEO Matt Cheung talks enterprise data governance with Kennedy Warwick the former head of customer data at Refinitiv.

Kennedy and Matt discuss the questions most Data professionals are asking including; whose shoulders should the ownership of data fall on? Which companies model a good data organisation system? How do you manage 'data chaos'? Why looking at the 'less sexy' data is as essential as the 'interesting' and 'important' data. and, how can you redesign and reanalyse key data processes to improve your underlying core data?

Kennedy has had over 14 years experience working with Data in global organisations. Previously he was the Enterprise Process Owner (Data) at Refinitiv and has since moved into the role of Director Data Operations at Informa. Many thanks to Kennedy for his contribution to this episode of Never Mind the Pain Points!

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