Customer experience

Great customer experience is about exceeding expectations

Recent years have seen a pivot towards the customer and improving their experience with organisations. This has led to a parallel increase in customer expectations, so no organisations can stay still. A true arms race is underway to see who can most delight customers with quality and service, product and from an emotional connection. Clearly this is great for customer but it has required a mindset shift for organisations as the competitive landscape has expanded beyond the product and individual service touchpoints.

At the top level, organisations need to consider how to place the customers wants and needs more centrally when they form their mission & strategy. They need to craft a vision statement for their customers that will guide them when designing and delivering ways of working. When assessing marketing position, growth potential and how best to deliver products, firms must consciously analyse and predict the impact on the  customer.

When designing roles across the organisation, accountability for customer outcomes needs to be included at every level – not just in customer facing departments. It’s not enough to simply shoehorn “customer” into existing job titles.  Understanding how every team interconnects to produce the desired experience and making sure that this is hardwired into the org structure is critical for customer success. This is as true at the start of the customers lifecycle, with marketing & sales working in tandem, as it is in the middle across account management, billing & finance.

Business processes should be designed only once the desired customer journey has been thought through. This ensures that you are configuring your organisation to serve your customer and not expecting your customer to jump through hoops to accommodate you. Your customer should not need to be aware if your internal teams, functions or handoffs – all touch-points must combine to provide the desired journey. Your systems should be configured to support these customer-designed processes. Where customers self-serve with your organisation, this should be intuitive, hassle-free and seamlessly integrate with your back end.

All of this needs to be brought together when transforming your organisation. You need an effective understand of how your customers gain value in using your products and how you can best service their needs. Mapping their journey will provide better insight into how well their needs are met today and help you to prioritise the changes that will better address their needs and wants in the future. So where to start? At Clarasys we have supported many organisations to design & deliver better experiences for their customers. We can help you identify the things that matter most to them and help you to maximise the value at every touchpoint.

Reach out for a conversation today to see where we can support you to improve outcomes for your customers and underpin your top line growth.

“Designing a market leading customer experience requires deep understanding of your customer’s needs. Organisations need to create solutions that truly meet these needs to be impactful. Small improvements to critical touchpoints are much more effective than designing and implementing aa complete overhaul, and deliver lasting value”

Thomas Carpenter

Principal consultant