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Demand for online shopping since the beginning of the pandemic has shot up by over 100%, curbside pick-up is now an anticipated choice, and customer attitudes and behaviours have changed.

Retailers need to quickly flex their approach and accommodate rapidly changing and high expectations, or lose out to competitors.

Pre-Covid brand loyalty is no longer something to depend on, however, give your customer a good experience now, and they will remember it going forward.

At Clarasys, we are passionate about supporting and helping retailers to make the right decisions, keeping a laser focus on customer experience.

Have a look at some of our thinking around customer experience considerations for retailers:




Our sustainability services are based on our core services but utilise our experts in environmental and social impact. We support organisations in designing sustainability strategies, reimagining your CX for sustainability, building your internal sustainability capability and developing your sustainability reporting. We use our agile delivery methods to land sustainable change in your organisation.

Customer Experience


As the Experience Consultancy, we believe that customer experience is the cornerstone to business success. We know how to deliver award-winning customer experience, we’ve done it before. We work with you to build a vision for your ideal customer experience, mapping out the customer journey and its key touch-points and pain points; helping you understand your customers; and encouraging you to implement their feedback. By listening to your customers, we can create rewarding experiences.

Business Change


We prepare organisations for change, establishing clear governance procedures, and ensuring continuity of service. We forensically examine your ambition and design and deliver the strategy, skills and tech that will meet your business needs. In partnership with your technology providers, we conduct user research and develop the business case for change. Then we collaborate across your organisation on designing the services and operating model to deliver the change.

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