St John Ambulance are undergoing a transformation, enhancing both their digital infrastructure and data strategy to better understand their people and impact on the communities they serve, for more accurate and innovative decision making.

St John have limited ability to use data to improve operational productivity, measure impact of initiatives, and drive data-backed decision making across the organisation. This was due to a culture of tech-led, top-down governance, poor reporting and data immaturity. 

Clarasys were asked to help for 5 weeks to create a high level data strategy encompassing vision and values, people, technology, reporting and governance, and provide strategic recommendations in a board report, with an implementation roadmap, to be presented to senior leadership team for consideration alongside the Digital Transformation proposal.

The Solution

We interviewed over 50 stakeholders across different roles, levels and directorates (business units). We established a view of the data maturity against the Clarasys Data Strategy Dimensions: Vision & Values, People, Reporting, Technology, Governance/Processes/Policies.

We also set up a weekly steerco and held mid-project workshops to agree the as-is and data needs before initiating strategy design.

Clarasys used this information to translate findings into recommended programmes, aligned to the digital transformation output, with the outcome of a high level data strategy to enable increased data maturity across all dimensions above market benchmarks (Data Orchard).


  • The client was left with a clear understanding of the priority data-needs to enable better decision making and governance.
  • Understanding of the required changes by dimension, directorate and/or programme. With timelines for each.
  • A detailed understanding of current data landscape and future solutions architecture.
  • Detailed insights in a clear, indexable format.

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