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Peach Pubs Net-Zero customer experience

Peach Pubs Net-Zero customer experience

Designing an approach to engaging and communicating sustainability plans throughout the guest journey.

This project focused on the best ways to articulate to guests Peach Pubs’ planned to take them to Net-Zero and support its wider sustainability objectives. With 18 pubs across the Midlands and the South, the organisation needed to design a journey that could work in different settings for different sorts of guests. The client required a vision for this journey and a plan to develop their people in order to be able to support the desired experience.

Peach pubs had already designed a Net-Zero strategy through the NetZeroNow organisation. However, they had no idea how to turn this into customer engagement. We worked with stakeholders across the organisation to define why they were working to be Net-Zero and what they wanted to achieve with their guests and teams.

We outlined the different guest touchpoints before, during and after their visits that PeachPubs could look to influence and engage guests. Through primary guest research, we understood their perspectives around sustainability and how they wanted to find out more about the Pubs plans. Supporting this we analysed staff awareness and understanding of NetZero plans and with supporting interviews understood the most effective ways to engage their team.

To augment the information we gathered around guest and team perspectives we conducted a literature review to understand academic and industry research around sustainability engagement within hospitality.

We used all of this information to design an overarching guest journey with tailored elements for different personas, linked to a set of recommendations.

To implement these recommendations we designed a programmatic approach for delivery. This included a number of pilots to ensure that we could test the success of initiatives in low-risk ways that could then be scaled if successful. It also included an approach for employee education.

  • A clear approach to communicating NetZero approach
  • A programme of work the organisation can follow to deliver the vision for the guest journey
  • Greater engagement for the programme from team members.

Peach Pubs will take the programme forward and will continue to partner with Clarasys as they launch their Race to NetZero – a campaign where leaders across hospitality and food and beverage organisations collaborate to stimulate wider industry ambition around NetZero.

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