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Global communications

Global communications

Blackstone’s recent acquisition of the financial and risk side of the information services giant Thomson Reuters resulted in the need to change the name of legal entities. Legal entities had to move away from Thomson Reuters branding and references and instead adopt the new organisation’s identity “Refinitiv”.

Refinitiv had to communicate to an unknown number of customers by email, letter or both, and with over 230 legal entities that required name changes and fragmented customer data across multiple sources, they required support to deliver the right information to the right people on time.

Clarasys managed end-to-end communications design, delivery and change support for a major legal entity renaming programme.

We collaborated with the Renaming programme to identify the countries, customers and products in scope, constantly keeping on top of key programme changes that would impact us. We created the multiple customer-facing communications – ensuring they were compliant with local regulators and customs, managing the translation process and sign-off key stakeholders across multiple geographies and seniority levels.

We led the extraction, cleaning and preparation of customer data. We worked closely with business SMEs to identify the right data (including email, address, scope of customers to receive the communications, current legal entity name, new legal entity name). Once finalised, this information was uploaded into the marketing tool Eloqua to distribute emails to clients across the globe. Clarasys continued to support the communication process by identifying alternative routes to contact customers whose emails bounced back.

With Clarasys’ support, Refinitiv were able to communicate to over 90,000 customers (this translates into 96,000+ unique emails) regarding the upcoming legal entity name changes that would impact them and therefore enable a smooth transition for them.

Clarasys also created a process to support Marketing and Corporate Communications deliver a future project of this scale independently of us.

Finally, our data cleaning exercise helped the business identify customer information that was out of date and therefore needed to be updated to ensure they were communicating to the right individuals in future campaigns, thus improving future data quality.

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