Case Study

Business analysis managed service

Business analysis managed service

Sourcing and onboarding suitably skilled Business Analysts

In large organisations with varied analysis needs, and a wide variety of projects to deliver, demand for resources will never be constant.  There will be peaks and troughs in activity and different skills required at different times.

Traditionally organisations tackle these imbalances through the use of contractors.  But this option doesn’t come without risks and isn’t always the most valuable method.  Aside from extra costs, value in the form of knowledge is also lost as contractors depart with all the information and capabilities developed during the project, without passing this to your internal teams.

This was the situation a large healthcare organisation found themselves in when they decided to grow their in-house IT capability.  Sourcing and onboarding suitably skilled Business Analysts was a struggle and beginning to impact on overall project performance through time delays and increased costs.  However, to avoid the inherent difficulties that can arise through the use of contractors, they asked us to come up with a solution that met all their needs and provided a flexible, cost effective option.

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