Joining the Clarasys team

At Clarasys we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive and tailored plan to fully on-board you into our company. See how we support your development from the moment you join:

1) Getting to know Clarasys

You’ll spend ½ a day with one of the Clarasys directors, followed by another ½ day with your coach to find out who we are, why we’re different and what we value. To make sure you settle in as quickly as possible you will also be assigned a buddy.

“Our approach to onboarding new hires is very personal. We invest in our people by tailoring each induction plan based on the individual, in order to best support them” – Claudia Meyer-Scott, Chief People Officer.

2) Understanding you

Your new Clarasys coach will call you prior to you joining Clarasys to gauge your experience and once you have started you will spend time with them to guide and help you develop and reach your potential at Clarasys. Together you will assess where your competencies are at using the Clarasys Competency Framework and then define your career plan.

“I was really pleasantly surprised to learn that we would have two weeks of training when I joined Clarasys; this is unlike any experienced hire process I’d seen at other consultancies, and immediately showed me how much they invest in, and value, their people.” – Maria Voinica, Consultant.

3) Tailored training

We’ll adapt your induction training based on the conversation with our Head of L&D and your coach. The programme introduces you to the Clarasys ways of working and the Clarasys approach to solve complex problems using our Clarasys Agile Method alongside business analysis, change management and project management. We will ensure you are familiar and trained in all the tools and techniques we use at Clarasys, ahead of starting your first project.

“The training not only prepared me to go onto a client with a good knowledge base, but it also made me ready to go on as a Clarasys consultant.” – Alex Bacon, Consultant.

4) Connecting with your Clarasys peers

We’ll introduce you to different project teams by visiting client sites. These client visits will give you a view of the variety of the work we do, how we collaborate to solve problems and enable you to meet different members of the team early to start building relationships and grow your support system.

“The induction process provides great exposure to the people, culture and internal ways of working. What stands out most for me as an experienced hire is the opportunity to do a client site tour, meeting everyone and getting an insight into the types of projects that are taking place and the contributions that consultants are making individually and as a group. This enables a better and quicker understanding of the business and helps identify the roles that are best suited to my personal profile and in which I can add the most value.” – Ellie Geldard, Consultant.

5) Continuous development

You’ll receive ongoing support & weekly 1-2-1s with your coach. We’ll help you discover new interests and achieve your development goals from a variety of training opportunities. Obviously you will grow your knowledge and expertise during your different assignments by learning on the job from your Clarasys colleagues and share your own experiences as part of our collaborative team.