Digital Twin

How can a digital twin help your organisation?

Please read our white paper ‘Seeing Double’ to gain more insight into a Digital Twin

Standing still is not an option for the modern organisation, including your own. Progress demands the fine-tuning of existing processes, the rewiring of dysfunctionality, sensitivity to changing customer needs and, crucially, identifying the next best opportunity to improve.

Digital twin-enabled decision making delivers value to an organisation by allowing investment decisions to be supported using all the relevant data available, both now and in the future.

A business operating system (BOS) as a digital twin of your organisation acts as a GPS or navigation system. Like an in-vehicle GPS, it will guide your organisation to its desired destination (the “to-be” state), using five basic elements.
We’ve developed a method for using a digital twin to assist in identifying organisations’ next best opportunity for investment and realise significant investment.

This article produced by Gartner analysts provides an overview of creating digital twins: ‘Create a Digital Twin of Your Organization to Optimize Your Digital Business Transformation Program’.

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Clarasys Digital Twin for intelligent processing

The Digital Twin captures the process and its associated metrics to report on how it is performing right now and model its future performance.

This same model can be used to identify the next best investment opportunity. It can anticipate future pain points before they occur, by answering questions such as ‘What happens to my current process and workforce if I need to fulfil 25% more orders?’

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