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B2B Media group develops AI based business model

B2B Media group develops AI based business model

Establishing an internal AI function and transforming the business through expert guidance in business readiness, operating model definition, and change management.

Our client operates within a B2B global information domain where there is a large scope of customers, increasing importance of this information for the foreseeable future and limited existing coverage or competition. This business wanted to:

  • Become a leading source of global insight data in its information domain
  • Own the most comprehensive proprietary datasets
  • Be the first-choice B2B marketing platform solution 

In order to achieve this our client sought to develop a new business model that used AI generated content and intelligent automation to optimise customer experience and maximise revenue-per-employee.

We conducted new business model testing and customer segment exploration to inform the MVP solution design and accelerate the launch plan for the new media business model.

We defined requirements for developing a highly scalable product that included a self-serve user journey and AI generated content.

We explored scalable generation of credible, highly discoverable content from proprietary datasets using LLMs, aligned to audience problems and needs

Additionally, we also explored the human factor and the changing requirement on human quality assurance once AI content generation comes into play.

New business model design of this type would be beneficial to any companies looking to address challenges or opportunities related to information, insights and/or customer engagement as it helps in quickly developing a clear view of the value proposition(s) associated with AI and the associated business model implications.

  • A business model has been identified that could potentially increase profit margin by around 40%. 
  • An AI value proposition based on the scalable generation of content that has been tested and proven through market testing with clients and audiences. 
  • The priority product groups that are best suited to take advantage of this new model have been identified. 
  • Additionally, 11 key design principles for the target operating model have been defined.

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