A different outlook on life, returning from maternity leave- With Lucile Knight

The importance of a great culture is hugely impor…

The importance of a great culture is hugely important to the overall health of your company. Cultivating a great company culture is important not only for employee engagement, happiness and retention, but also, solidifying the foundations for a thriving business; regardless of economic changes.

As the Sunday Times Best Small Consulting firm to work for in the UK 2019, we thought we were best placed to share our views on what makes a great culture. But not only does this apply to our organisation, all our clients would agree that it is one of the main reasons they love working with us.

In this episode, Financial Services Lead and Principal consultant, Lucile Knight, briefly shares her views on returning from maternity leave. Lucile talks about how returning from mat leave helped her focus on the stuff that really matters, and that you take a completely different perspective on things. She also talks about the importance of a healthy work-life balance, something that a lot of people neglect, Lucile included at times.

This is the first of many podcasts on culture from us. We truly believe in its importance and are keen that others realise this and learn how to adopt or implement it into their own organisations.

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