A call for change in Wealth Management- With Gregg Dennis

Wealth management is one of the most attractive s…

Wealth management is one of the most attractive sectors in the Financial services industry due to the greater growth prospects, lower capital requirements and higher returns on equity. However, there is a call for change in the area as a new generation comes into play with new expectations.

On this episode we are joined by wealth manager, Gregg Dennis, from Owl Private Office. After a brief conversation on the state of the industry, Gregg and Daisy get stuck into discussing the effects of an ageing population. It is not just the fact that the average age of a client is 71 years, the investors themselves are getting on and the industry is losing them faster than they can be replaced. The conversation continues with the two looking into the digital world and its effect on the least tech literate sectors in Financial services. Throughout the episode there are calls for change and talk of how organisations can do in light of this deviation from traditional wealth management.

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